Lizzy’s Lizards

‘My favourite part was when we got to pat the lizards and animals’ – Zac

‘My favourite part was holding the bearded dragon and turtles’ -Leo

‘I liked the water dragon’ – Will

‘The best part of the day was having a snake around my neck’ -Maggie

‘It was fun, incredible and interesting’ – Grace and Xanthe


Place Value game

This week everyone in grade 2 made our own place value board game.

It helps us think about tens and ones, and where they belong in relation to zero and one hundred. It also involves some strategy.

In 2P some of our families were lucky enough to see Zac defeat Fabienne in a match this morning, then got to play the game with some of us.

“In the game we had to try to put the closest numbers together on a number line” – Indi

“I had an amazing time” – Ella

“I like playing the game” – Delilah

‘It makes maths really fun” – Harriet

“It helps me with my maths” – Rory





2P’s Magnificent Market!

On Friday morning we had some visitors to spend $20 on our shops:

  • The Infinity Shop with massage and bowling
  • Haunted House
  • Quoits
  • Art shop and gallery
  • Squishy Banana

“it was fun having our parents to look at our work” – Simona

“we loved it” – Ruby

“we made lots of money” – Frances

“The shops all looked really cool” – Delilah

“I liked how everybody made the shops interesting” – Taj

“Each shop was unique and different to each other’s” – Indi

“We collected a lot of money” – Namya

“I enjoyed my massage and seeing some entrepreneurial skills” – Fabienne

Spiny Leaf Insect

Meet 2D and 2M’s newest class members, Jane and Relacoma the Spiny Leaf Insects.

Our insects have joined us as part of our Inquiry unit ‘living things’ . We have explored what living things need to survive and we are excited to apply our knowledge and watch how our Spiny Leaf Insects grow and change over time.



Staying cool in the art room!

Let us never feel like this guy in the art room again!
Chelsea and the students have been very busy in art drawing sketches of what they would like to be when they grow up!! Bell Fundraising have turned these sketches into artwork which will be printed onto Tea Towels. Each class has their own unique artwork. 
Funds raised from this fundraiser will go towards the new air conditioner in the art room. So please, if there’s ever a time to buy up big, it’s this year! 
Tea Towels will be on sale on QKR! for $12 each and, as you know, make a wonderful Christmas present!!  Orders will be open until the end of the school holidays.

2P spending money!

Families watch out, we are ready to go shopping in the holidays!

“We’ve been learning about money and what coins to use to make things” – Indi

“I’m having lots of fun. I’m going to buy fun things” – Namya

“We’re learning cool stuff. I’m definitely buying dessert” – Delilah

“I love this” – Ella

“I’m going to spend my own money” – Jake

“I’m going to buy lollies” – Ruby

“We’re learning cool and fun stuff” – Nash

“I might buy footy cards” – Sam

“I’m going to buy lego” – Frances