Statistics and Skittles – Integrating DigiTech with Mathematics

Grade 2 students extended their skills in Mathematics this week as they gathered data, interpreted this information and created computer generated graphs using Pic Collage.  They made use of a wide range of 21st Century Digital Technology skills such as pinching,  resizing, manipulating images, importing photographs and using AirDrop.

Our Grade 2 students must be congratulated for their fantastic work ethic as they managed to work through many different stages in a specified time-frame and they all had a lot of fun taking part in the activity.


Grade 2’s are learning about ‘capacity’

Today in Maths 2M & 2A took their learning outside of the classroom. Using water students estimated and measured the capacity of various sized/shaped containers. Students recorded their data and reflected on their misunderstandings, questions and observations once back in the classroom. It was such a fun way to learn. Thank you to the parents who provided plastic containers for us to use.


Integrating Digital Technologies into Persuasive Texts!

Over the past few weeks, Grade 2 students have delved into reading and writing a variety of persuasive texts.

Prior to learning about and using a variety of persuasive devices in our Persuasive essays and letters, we investigated various techniques used in television (commercials) and printed advertisements (billboards/newspaper).

As part of Reading Groups this week, students were asked to use Pic Collage on the iPads, create an advertisement on a product based on witches that appeared in the Jolly Postman story and fairy tales such as Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

They then had to use the wireless network to send their advertisement to Mr E’s laptop using AirDrop! How tech savvy are we in Year 2?

Can you figure out which devices where used in these advertisements?