Donations for art

Hi wonderful Bell Community!

I’m in need of around 30 wood off-cuts that children could hold comfortably in their hands. If there are any mums, dads or grandparents out there, who work with wood and would be able to help us, I’d be very appreciative. If this is something you can help out with, please don’t hesitate to pop into the art room after school to chat to me.

Thank you! Chelsea Kneale

What makes me, me?

Today we were lucky to have a visit from a real life geneticist, Jess, who taught us about DNA, traits, cells and genes.

Eyes, tongues and ears were all examined as we investigated our similarities and differences.

Some questions this generated for us to investigate further:

‘Why do we have cells?’

‘Why is my eye colour different from my family?’

‘Are there cells inside cells?’

‘Why is my pet like me?’

‘How come I have blue eyes and my mum and dad have brown eyes?’

‘How do we get allergies?’

‘How come your hair goes grey?’

‘Why do we have accents?’

If you would like to continue the conversation with your child, here’s the video we watched during the session:

Thank you so much Jess for your time!

Geneticist visit